As to item insights, the most well known sports bet on through the stage were as per the following:

Soccer – 54.64%
B-ball – 16.32%
Tennis – 15.67%
Remarking on the most well known sports by Bet Aggregate in 2022, Alexander Kamenetskyi, Head of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, features that in spite of the third position, wagering on tennis leads by productivity.

“American football and cricket are among the Best 7 games, which wonderfully astonishes us. This shows that they are addressed well at the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, and our accomplices’ advertising efforts turn out perfect for them.”



According to the esports point of view, the colossally well known Counter-Strike titles represent practically 75% of all wagers. Moreover, the ascent in the ubiquity of Class of Legends is likewise important, with its portion of esports wagering surpassing 15%.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 assumed a tremendous part in enrapturing bettors, drawing in 37.5% of all sports wagers throughout the colder time of year competition time period. The typical bet at the competition was 74 EUR, and the most famous match was the last duel between Argentina and France. In any case, the most beneficial match as far as wagering was Morocco versus Spain, where Morocco, the ‘Cinderella’ of the World Cup, beat the top picks in the title.

The Sportsbook has expanded its GGR by 485% year-on-year, while the complete wagers rose by 795%, and the turnover was up by 654%. These breathtaking numbers feature the significant area of development the Sportsbook stage opens for SOFTSWISS.

Alexander Kamenetskyi remarks on the item development: “We are excited that the Sportsbook is developing on all fronts: wagers, turnover, benefits, and obviously, its usefulness”.

“The adaptable edge framework dominated by our gamble group has been a significant contributing variable. Twenty new ventures and three stages have additionally assisted us with accomplishing this wonderful development. The send off of novel rewards added to the fascination and maintenance of players in the tasks, which likewise assumed a critical part”, Kamenetskyi added.

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